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COVID 19 and it’s geopolitical repercussions.

COVID 19 and it’s geopolitical repercussions.


Due to COVID-19, the planet is going to confront downturn spiral; and it is very normal to assume that the overall misfortunes may surpass the world Wars I and II consolidated. At a relative time, the falling cost of fossil oil has included further tensions. Numerous researchers contend that we are near seeing a modification in world order during which the powers of continuous globalization will die down to the powers of defensive patriotism and country states will reinforce their status as the most genuine political network. In any case, there’s no denying the very certainty that the post-COVID-19 world won’t be like previously, as plentiful things will transform.

Effect on Globalization

  • Many examiners are of the view that the inevitable change in world order will display increasingly serious geopolitical rivalries among extraordinary forces – most strikingly between the U.S. and China.
  • On the other hand, a few specialists accept that globalization might be an endless practice. The expansion of such trans-boundary challenges as scourges and ecological calamities would require all the more internationally planned reactions. Subsequently, turning around to the pre-globalization period is about incomprehensible.
  • Despite such discussions, it’s sure that globalization will confront solid analysis. The coronavirus has shown that undesirable episodes happening in far away places can immediately affect our lives.
  • The free movement of people over the world is by all accounts the preeminent significant cause behind why the infection had quick spread to nations past China.

Ascent of Regional Globalization

  • Globalization may hinder over the globe, yet it will quicken at territorial levels.
  • Decoupling between the American and Chinese economies may increment, yet the two forces, especially China, will expand their endeavors to guide globalization in their districts.
  • The strategy for local globalization will accelerate, as driving nations in a few regional areas see the making of local supply chains, under their authority more essential to their national gains than any other time in recent history.

The legitimacy of our Nation

  • The war on COVID-19 has likewise established India as yet the preeminent authentic foundation to provide compelling solutions for the virus infection catastrophe.
  • Boosting distinctive financial divisions by giving improvement bundles, embracing severe lockdowns, requesting to regard the social distancing, treating in well-prepared medical clinics, and following the physical developments of the individuals who are contaminated by the infection couldn’t have been taken so much care of by any power yet.

US-China Rivalry

  • Even before COVID-19, Trump’s trade war with China was already picking up grip inside the US. This might be additionally fortified post-COVID-19.
  • The years ahead will probably observe the geopolitical competition between the U.S. and China escalate. This rivalry of power will probably unfold inside a post-liberal worldwide order.

Ascent of China

  • Given the ongoing mentalities of both US and China towards the globalization, China is by all accounts in an exceedingly more profitable situation than the U.S.
  • Despite the way that the U.S. has always been forward facing China regarding the magnitude of settlement partners, key allies and financial accomplices, the disdain against the U.S. recently has reached to significant levels among customary American partners in Europe and East Asia.
  • In so far as winning the developing geopolitical rivalry requires the extreme measure of delicate force as well as hard force, China’s genius globalization position and strengthening financial and clinical discretionary endeavors may tilt the equalization in support of China.

The incapacitation of overall Governance

  • The pandemic has featured the shortcomings of world administration. The shortcoming of worldwide administration, especially in the region of health and wellbeing is unfathomably much noticeable.
  • The US has demonstrated no tendency to assume a position of authority to harness universal collaboration.
  • China has blocked conversations in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on the trouble. Job of WHO is also under the scanner.
  • There is an absence of worldwide collaboration and trust. The pandemic of dread may develop a progressing shift towards expanded anarchy and disarray reflected in ‘everybody for himself’ and will additionally debilitate worldwide organizations and agreements.

Expanded Cooperation in South Asia

  • While every one of the South Asian nations has attempted radical measures to spare it’s country from COVID-19-driven pandemic, local collaboration is felt essential to viably deal with the basic problem.
  • SAARC pioneers met through video-conferencing in March 2020 to discuss the degree and plausibility of joint activity. Among different choices, South Asian pioneers have chosen to dispatch a regional fund to adapt to the emergency.


  • India’s tact has assumed a significant job in dealing with the emergency on a 24×7 premise, be in lifting the miserable individuals from a parts of the globe or following the pandemic moment by moment or settling prompt and complex inquiries.
  • India has stood apart for its globalism during the proceeding pandemic. Be it the arranging of SAARC video-meeting or vowing $10 million towards a crisis SAARC finance, India has acted kind of a pioneer.
  • Not just Indians yet in addition residents of different nations like – Maldives, Myanmar, Bangladesh, China, US, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa and Peru-were evacuated by India.
  • Requests for crisis clinical gear from Bhutan, Bangladesh and furthermore the Maldives have likewise been answered by India.
  • India has sent out basic medications like hydroxychloroquine, paracetamol and azithromycin to a few nations including USA, Brazil and Israel. This was while during this emergency, world saw a country ascending past its prompt national concerns.
  • India was the essential nation to request G-20 virtual get to meet up with an organized reaction among G-20 nations in the battle against this pandemic.
  • It additionally had a video chat with some of the Indo-Pacific nations on issues related with countering COVID-19.

In the post-coronavirus world, the trading of information and multilateral coordinated effort would be essential – not simply in combating the infection, additionally in forestalling a future pandemic.

By:- Dr Kritika Dixit

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