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Peace – What is peace?

Peace – What is peace?


Nowadays wherever you go. If you converse with people there is one thing you will find is common. That is everybody is looking for peace. But if you really pay attention you will find that most of them don’t really want peace, they just say it half-heartedly.

What is peace? What do you mean when you say it is peaceful? What makes a situation peaceful? Is it the surrounding? Is it what you are feeling? What exactly do you mean when you say you want peace?

Sit down alone and think on it. What does peace mean to you and is that what you want. For me peace is a state of mind where the mind is tranquil. When there are no undulations in the mind and you have clarity.

Now what makes the mind not peaceful. From what I have observed, when you are high on emotions especially when you are angry, the mind sort of goes on autopilot and becomes very chaotic. When something unexpected happens or when things don’t go your way. Simply put when one is unable to accept the situation as it is, that is when the peace is lost. But that’s not all. If you are constantly living in the past or are constantly imagining the future, then also the peace is lost.

I am not going to tell you how to be peaceful. Because my faults are not necessarily yours. You have your own experiences, your own faults and your own definition of peace. And only you know whether you even want peace.

So sit down, retreat within yourself. Take a break from daily life. Spend some weeks alone. And contemplate on the deeper things in life and find your answers.

By:- Agyeya Dixit

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